The Paradise line

Graphic and minimalist, this iconic line makes a comeback with a contrast between Black and Percal, an ivory white.


The swimsuit's more intimate alter-ego, the lace bodysuit, is an iconic ERES look. Whatever your figure, try it on once, you'll never take it off again. Distilling elegance and mystery this piece of clothing in its own right, walks the line of inner and outerwear, depending on the occasion, how you wear it, your mood and the collection.

Let it make you shine: choose a lace bodysuit to bring some heat to your cleavage under a jumper in the morning, before becoming part of your evening look, subtly paired with a suit jacket. The material goes from lace to cashmere, the cuts from long-sleeved to thin straps, and the delicate colours follow our collections. But its style remains unique. The bodysuit embraces women's shape in their totality. Don't know your ERES bodysuit size? Consult our guide.