For the perfect look, whatever your activity, we offer a wide range of sport accessories that co-ordinate with your wardrobe. Surround yourself with your favourite fabrics and colours.

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The ERES woman is the whole woman. Once she finds her own comfortable style, nothing should spoil it. In order to finish off and perfect your look, whether you are at home or the gym, in the city or at the dance studio, at the office or your Pilates class, we offer a full range of accessories to suit your schedule right down to the tiniest detail, with subtilty and harmony.

Branded flasks, Peau Douce duffle bags, cosy legwarmers, and impeccable yoga mats – ERES' activewear range has something for every moment. Surrounded by attractive items, in your favourite fabrics and colours, you are free to undertake each new activity with serenity and elegance.