Autour du sport

Before or after your workout, your look can blur boundaries with sportswear that is minimalist, chic, cosy and refined. Don't change your style, just your destination.

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Autour du sport

Sportswear can be worn anywhere, and you will want to maintain your casual look before and after your workout, but without sacrificing your look or personal style. Leave the gym or dance studio with a soft poncho over your shoulders, throw on a well-made oversized sweatshirt, choose an indispensable satin jumpsuit, or wear a ballerina sweater to dinner.

Allow minimalist chic take your look from sport to citywear for relaxation and elegance. The urban mindset relaxes, fabrics can be layered and wrapped, and you are perfectly at ease. No one can guess where you are going or what you plan to do, but everyone can see you have style. Mission accomplished.