The Essentiels

ERES offers a selection of essential Swimwear, Beachwear and Lingerie pieces for gifting (or treating yourself to) a little indulgence. Iconic and eternal, these timeless pieces are available this season in a sumptuous colour palette.

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Select the GIFT option when ordering, and your ERES pieces will be delivered in a beautiful box.


The ERES Essentiels swimsuits are made of Peau Douce, an exclusive material that feels like a second skin, offering incredible comfort whilst sculpting the silhouette. Racerback, bustier, asymmetrical, one-piece or two: discover this selection of exquisite and iconic ERES swimsuits for gifting (or treating yourself to) a little indulgence.


Rediscover our selection of Beachwear pieces in flowing jersey, one of the brand's iconic materials boasting a sensual flawless drape. Dresses, skirts, trousers and tops to wear on the beach or around the city for emanating elegance.


Fall in love with our timeless Lingerie sets. In silky soft Jersey Soyeux or tulle, these graphic and refined pieces highlight the beauty of your silhouette with sheer details and a chic minimalist approach.