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The Fall-Winter 2022 collection is an ode to chiaroscuro, a sun and moon contrast, from the softness of dawn to the dark night of a waking dream. A shade of poetic colours, sometimes luminous and rosy, sometimes deep and bewitching, designed to be combined according to your wishes for a soft and elegant look.

Lune print

The Lune theme is inspired by the different states of the moon and immerses us in a sophisticated polka dot atmosphere.

The Bulle lingerie

Like a daydream, the Bulle line reveals a dreamlike atmosphere. Layered delicately on a Leavers lace, the matt and shiny polka dot patterns meet, evoking a soft eclipse. A delicate and festive optical illusion, carried by colours with evocative names: navy blue Soir de lune, pinkish white Percale and light beige Biscuit. 

In a retro-chic spirit, the pieces combine satin borders and essential shapes.

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