Swimwear accessories

A summer wardrobe is, of course, not just a matter of bathing, sand and bikinis. ERES offer you a whole range of swimwear accessories and various items for your swimsuits to please your every need. Complete your look and live every day as though it were summer.


Whether it's the beach or the pool, it's not just about the swimsuit. When you think about the seashore, you think about swimwear accessories. From beach towels to sunglasses, flip flops to earrings, your look is taken care of from A to Z.

With ERES enjoy a range of must-have accessories for everything beach related: clutch bags, pillows, crop tops, beach towels and shoes are available in a perfect trendy, stylish and original look. And like almost all ERES creations, they're just as suited to the city, the home or an evening out, making you and your tan glow even more. It's because sun isn't just a place, nor a moment in time – it's a state of mind.